Twitter says calling Ahmad Al Issa a white Christian terrorist is OK


Twitter told Newsweek that calling Muslim Semite Ahmad Aliwi Al Issa a white Christian terrorist does not violate their policies. So, those dishonest tweets with huge followings can stay up, and the lying Twitter users will not be suspended.

Newsweek writes: Many Twitter users assumed the shooter was white before his name was released by police in Boulder, Colorado. Several pointed to the massacre as another example of racial injustice and white supremacy in the United States, coming a few days after a white man killed six Asian women in an Atlanta shooting spree.

Race is not the issue in either case unless Ahmad killed the ten white people in Boulder in support of radical Islamic terrorism. We don’t know.

The first crime in Atlanta at massage parlors was over sex, not race.

Some won’t delete the dishonest tweets because they say Ahmad is white, and they weren’t basing their tweets on race.

They’re lying. They were race-baiting.

Twitter wrote: “The Tweets referenced are not in violation of the Twitter Rules,” the spokesperson told Newsweek in an email. “We will not take action on every instance of misinformation. Currently, our misinformation rules cover COVID-19 misinformation, synthetic and manipulated media, and civic integrity.”

They were obviously specifically aimed at controlling the narrative on COV, vaccinations, and the election.

White shooters have accounted for 66 of 121 mass shootings that have occurred from 1982 to 2021, according to the German statistical data firm Statista.

In proportion to the population, the stat looks different. Whites make up 76% of the U.S. population.


Kamala Harris’s niece:

By the way, Al Issa hated Trump and gays, but was sympathetic to ISIS. His family says he is disturbed. Ahmad also has a violent 2018 assault on his record. How did he pass a background check? We don’t need new laws. We need to look at how these checks are done.

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