Donald Trump Plans to Appeal the March 4 Trial Date


Donald Trump plans to contest the trial date of March 4th set by the compromised Judge Tanya Chutkan. That gives the defense very little time to review 12.8 million documents. It is also the day before Super Tuesday. That is how you define election interference.

He called them “a gang of Thugs… working on a Witch Hunt for almost 3 years.” As he said it’s “smack in the middle of Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent’s campaign against him. Election interference!” He didn’t have kind words for the judge who is a walking conflict of interest.

He said the indictment is “based almost entirely on the findings of the January 6th Unselect Committee.”


The judge is brutal, and her date is close to the date requested by the prosecutor. He wanted January. Mr. Trump’s attorneys wanted April 2026.

The defense team’s request was staunchly rejected by Judge Chutkan, who stated, “I can tell you right now you are not getting two years. This case is not going to trial in 2026.”

“I don’t doubt for a minute that you have been working diligently, but you and I have a very different estimate of what time is needed to prepare for this case,” said Chutkan.

“Discovery in 2023 is not sitting with boxes in a warehouse…We both know the first cut is reviewed by electronic searches,” Chutkan said, adding that “no one’s sitting there going page by page.”

“Mr. Trump has been ably represented by experienced counsel during the whole pendency of this investigation. It’s not a surprise he got indicted….Mr. Trump’s counsel has known this was coming for some time and any able, zealous defense counsel would not be sitting on their hands waiting for an indictment.”

Can Donald Trump get a fair trial from this judge?


Even more absurd is the case against Mark Meadows, whose real crime is serving as Donald Trump’s chief of staff. He arranged two meetings, and that somehow makes him a conspirator in their fake insurrection.

He denied a key accusation in the indictment.

Meadows took the stand to defend his conduct, stating that it was his role to be in almost every meeting with Trump and that he didn’t “know that I did anything that was outside of my role as chief of staff,” ABC News reported. He also revealed his “biggest surprise” in the indictment: a description of him directing an aide to draft a memo on “disrupting and delaying” the January 6 Joint Session of Congress that he said “didn’t happen,” according to CNN.

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