Donald Trump Rallies in Virginia, Giving Biden a New Name


Donald Trump was in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Friday after Biden’s disastrous debate with his nastiness and dementia on full display.

Trump said that if he wins Virginia, he will win the election. Blue Virginia is a good barometer of how the country will swing.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin joined Donald Trump, noting the huge crowd that turned out for him.

Pinocchio Joe

The former president picked out a new name for Joe Biden in the wake of a debate where he told one lie after another. The new name is Pinocchio Joe. We already posted the lies, but here they are again:

  1. “Suckers and losers” lie
  2. Hitler did good things” lie
  3. “Fine people” lie
  4. “My son died in Iraq” lie
  5. “I capped insulin at $15” lie
  6. “I capped Medicaid drug expenses at $200” lie
  7. “Retaliation” lie
  8. “Trump said he would be a dictator” lie
  9. “No soldiers died on my watch,” lie
  10. “Border crossings fewer than Trump” lie
  11. “Unemployment was 15% under Trump” lie
  12. “Trump wants to get rid of Social Security” lie
  13. “Billionaires pay 8.2% in taxes” lie
  14. “Trump said inject bleach” lie
  15. “Border patrol endorsed me” lie

These are blatant lies that were debunked. Watch the clip:

Joe can’t tell the truth. That is a fact.

DJT could win Virginia thanks in part to a successful Republican governor.

He Got Everything He Wanted

President Trump noted, “Biden spent the entire week at Camp David resting, working, studying—he studied so hard he didn’t know what the hell he was doing.” He got the debate rules, the date, and the network he wanted. However, no amount of rest or rigging could help him defend his atrocious record.

“The question every voter should be asking themselves today is NOT whether Joe Biden can survive a 90-minute debate performance. But whether America can survive four more years of Crooked Joe Biden in the White House,” he said.

Pinocchio Joe is currently helping to kill veterans. People coming illegally get unbelievable rewards for breaking our laws but there’s not enough left for our veterans.

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