Donald Trump responds to Facebook’s continued ban


Former President Donald Trump reacted to Facebook’s move to uphold the suspension of his account, arguing that Big Tech firms are working to censor Americans.

“What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday after Facebook’s Oversight Board handed down a decision saying the former president’s account should be suspended.

“The People of our Country will not stand for it!” Trump also wrote Wednesday. “These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.”

Facebook is going to review their decision after their Oversight panel told them their ban was disproportionate. Twitter, however, will not reconsider. YouTube will reconsider later this year when the danger Donald Trump allegedly presents is over.

Ted Cruz called the decision disgraceful.

Donald Trump is not dangerous. All he did was give a typical political speech. The idea that he is dangerous is ridiculous. Democrats sure got a lot of mileage out of the riot on January 6th, which was not an insurrection.

AG Garland is treating it like an insurrection and is asking for more funding to investigate 400 people tied to the January 6th riot. He is not asking for money to probe Antifa or BLM who are violent, communists.

He also wants money for red flag laws and gun violence. Some funding will be used for social programs and making changes in policing.

The riot is being treated as if it actually were an insurrection on our Republic. Everything Garland wants to do will be damaging to our country. He is as far-left as one can get.

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