Donald Trump Responds to Leak of DOJ “Criminal Violations”


As we reported yesterday, ABC News shared another leak from the ‘Justice’ Department’s Office of the Special Counsel. On her last day in the position, Beryl Howell, a far-left chief judge in D.C. ruled that enough evidence was presented to suggest Donald Trump committed “criminal violations.” Therefore, she allowed the dissolution of Donald Trump’s attorney-client privilege. Evan Corcoran, Trump’s lawyer, has to share everything he has and testify in Trump’s case.

Howell admitted there was insufficient evidence for charges since the threshold was higher.

Howell isn’t just breaking the privilege for Donald Trump; she’s showing the country no one has it if some judge decides they don’t.

On Tuesday night, Trump fired back at ABC News about the report and the new charges pursued by the Special Counsel’s office. This is happening as the Manhattan DA charges him for a non-crime, and a Georgia DA is trying to find Trump guilty of RICO charges.

Donald Trump responded on TruthSocial:

“Shame on Fake News ABC for broadcasting ILLEGALLY LEAKED false allegations from a Never Trump, now former chief judge, against the Trump legal team. This disinformation is on par with their breathless Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, and ‘no-collusion’ Mueller speculation, all of which were totally disproven. These leaks are happening because there is no factual or legal basis or substance to any case against President Trump. The deranged Democrats and their comrades in the mainstream media are corrupting the legal process and weaponizing the justice system in order to manipulate public opinion because they are clearly losing the political battle. ‘The real story here, that Fake News ABC SHOULD be reporting on is that prosecutors only attack lawyers when they have no case whatsoever.’ President Trump is the only leader fighting for the Constitution in order to protect the American people from being abused by a crooked system.”

Speaker McCarthy responded, by highlighting the fact that “Our justice system should not be used to target political opponents. Period.”
That is the most important aspect of this, isn’t it? No one is safe if they can do this to a former President. Cherry-picked leaks, congenital liars and hookers as witnesses, a Georgia DA who ran on getting Donald Trump, and a highly biased Special Counsel.
At the same time, the world is re-aligning against the United States, and our borders are wide open. Twenty-two thousand Russians came last year, not counting gotaways. Do you think some might be our enemies? Those are the actual criminal violations.

As this goes down, Russian President Putin called China’s Maoist President Xi, “my dear friend.”

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2 months ago

Seems Trump indictment is number one narrative for MSM now! And the narrative about Ukraine is changing! Go figure? The main expert on Ukraine here!

2 months ago

Liberals are terrified! They see the backlash coming with Malice. Trump will be President in 2025 and he will clean house of Liberals in Government and come down hard on Liberal Insanity. Liberal heads will explode when America resets to 1950s Morality and crime is no longer tolerated. Gen-Z is growing up realizing how Crazy Liberalism is and as Gen-Y is emerging from their parent’s basements they are growing up quickly. I’m buying stock in Private Prison Companies because there will be Millions of Liberals going to jail for real crimes starting in 2025.

I also see America adopting a pro-Capitol Punishment Agenda, Three Strikes Policy, for repeat Violent Criminals and a National King’s Castle Doctrine. Americans are done with violent crime and are now willing to exterminate the 2% of Hard Core Violent Psychopaths. I see Government coming down hard on sketchy Big Business, Big Pharma, and Businesses operating overseas in general.

America will be America First and anyone who is not on board with America First will be at a real disadvantage. They will be discriminated against. ALL Illegal Aliens will be sent back home and required to apply for Legal Immigration. Globalist NGOs will be on Terror Watch List.

Parents will no longer be terrorist and the Alphabet Soup Crowd will be registered Sex Offenders since they groom our children. The Alphabet Soup Crowd will not be allowed to teach anywhere in America since they are mentally ill and a majority are anti-America, Anti-Religion, and Anti-Family.

America is finally Fed up with Liberals! With Wrong Track Polls regularly hitting the 75% mark, there is no doubt that Trump will be President. It’s Amazing that 25% of America is insane. There is no one credible on the Democrat Bench because 80% of the Democrat Party is just plain Loony Tunes!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

Gee, I do not see any subpoenas emanating from McCarthy’s office. I wonder if he is doing his fake outrage act. What are Jordan and Comer, doing, other than making TV appearances? I have an iota of suspicion.

With10% of the house term over, what investigation promised by the GOP has been fulfilled?

2 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Where was McCarthy in 2020? Was he a congressman then? (sarc)

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Bottom line: “Our justice system should not be used to target political opponents. Period.”