Donald Trump Responds to NY AG Deposing Him Yesterday


In case you missed it, Donald Trump was ordered to sit for a deposition for the corrupt New York Attorney General Letitia ‘Tish’ James. She ran on the ‘Get Trump’ ticket. The last time she dragged him back to New York, he took the Fifth Amendment 400 times.

The issue is a farce. She couldn’t get him for a crime so she – as an attorney general – sued him in civil court.

‘Tish” James wants to convince a court that he embellishes his worth. Donald Trump gave us a quick rundown on TruthSocial.

Donald Trump: “An interesting day spent with the Attorney General and her representatives. I strongly made my “points,” they are IRREFUTABLE, and it is a case that should not go forward. My company and overall value is [sic] actually far stronger and higher than shown in the so-called Financial Statement. The honorable thing to do would be “DROP IT,” and spend all of this time, money, and energy on fighting Violent Crime in New York. It would make a big difference, and show real strength and courage by the A.G.!”

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