Donald Trump rips Chris Wallace, ‘He was your basic disaster’


On Election Night, Fox News called the state of Arizona for Joe Biden, projecting numbers from Maricopa County that hadn’t been tabulated. Yet, they wouldn’t call Florida and Texas which obviously went for Trump early in the night.

Fox didn’t care about unsecured drop boxes showing up for days or changes in election law to favor Joe Biden.

Prior to that, we had Fox News’s Chris Wallace in the debate covering for Joe Biden and not letting Donald Trump make a point.

A lot of people were angry and they are still angry with Fox.

President Trump spoke with Dick Morris on Newsmax TV on Saturday night. Donald Trump ripped into FOX News and Wallace the growing anti-Trump bias at the network.

Morris brought up the fact that Fox lost a lot of viewers and he asked DJT what he thought the reason is.

“Well, FOX has been a lot different,” Trump responded. And I think they’re coming back a bit. But FOX has certainly been a lot different than it’s been in 2016. One of the biggest differences in the election, even though I won 75 million votes, one of the biggest differences, which is far more than I won the first time when you think about it. If you look at how FOX, how they did versus how they did in 2016, it was day and night. A big difference and people are very angry about it.”

Morris asked if he thought “it’s because they have people like Mike (Chris) Wallace as their senior correspondent and Paul Ryan on their board?”

Trump said, “No, he’d like to be Mike Wallace, that’s his father, that’s Chris Wallace… Yeah, he was disastrous. He was your basic disaster. He’s just a very negative guy. And the people don’t want to hear that. That’s why they tune out.”


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