Donald Trump Tweet Posts J6 Video @Jack Took Down in 5 Minutes


President Trump shared a tweet that was removed by Twitter within five minutes of posting. In the tweet linked to a video, he tells rioters to go home peacefully. Trump said the election was “fraudulent” in the clip and that’s why it was removed. Within five minutes, Twitter decided the election was NOT fraudulent and removed the tweet.

It was fraudulent in that laws were changed to favor Biden, drop boxes were unsecured, mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting are fraudulent. Carelessness and disregard marked the performance of some responsible for ballots in some districts.

@Jack took all of Trump’s tweets down.

The important point of this is he made the speech at 12:47, early on in the riot — within 47 minutes. Meanwhile, talking heads claim he did nothing. The person who did nothing is the person who is in charge of the Capitol security — Nancy Pelosi.

And now, the J6 hatchet committee is investigating innocent people who attended or supported the rally, and Speaker Pelosi is allowed to hide all her communications from that day. Perhaps there is a memo from her refusing to release the Guards? The nattering nabobs of negativism need to know.

Trump had offered National Guard and they were rejected.

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