Texas Guardsman Feared Dead Trying to Rescue Illegals Proven to be Smuggling Drugs


Texas Guardsman Feared Dead Trying to Rescue Illegals

Proven to be Smuggling Drugs

As if the details in this story couldn’t get any worse, they’ve gotten much worse.

Two illegal migrants who a now-missing Texas National Guard soldier tried to save from a river were involved in “illicit transnational narcotics trafficking,” officials said Saturday.

Sources told Fox News the incident is being treated as a drowning, with dive teams searching the water since the service member was not seen resurfacing from the river. The strength of the current forced the Search and Rescue Teams to cease dive operations late Friday, but the search resumed on Saturday.

The soldier “had removed his armor before jumping in dangerous waters to save a human life.” tweeted US Republican House candidate Tony Gonzales.

So while agencies drag the river for our courageous guardsman’s body the two drug smugglers are now alive, above ground, and in Customs and Border Patrol custody.

If the worse comes to pass for the soldier and his family, I’m sure we can look forward to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stopping by Texas to honor this fallen hero as he’s laid to rest.

That would come right after these two hypocrites apologize to the mounted Border Patrol Agents Dementia Joe specifically accused of “whipping” Haitians, as they illegally crossed our border.

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Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson
7 months ago

The law applies to everyone, except Liberals and their favorite voting block groups. The moochers and looters ave combined against the hard working taxpayer to drive down their wages, raise their taxes, and turn their neighborhoods into violent jungles where their families are no longer safe.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

Border protection is not a life saving mission. It’s absurd to have someone not trained in life saving try to save 2 invading criminals. In what type of environment does this happen? Are they ordered to risk their lives to save others? How about Mexico save its drowning people? Does Abbot have his national guard changing diapers yet?

7 months ago

Why is this not the lead story across the country?

If soldiers on the border are to be effective, they must not be put at risk. Deter the crossings by whatever means necessary. Let the smugglers drown if it means that an American does not.