Donald Trump Was Booed at the Libertarian Convention


At the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C., former President Donald Trump faced a hostile reception as he sought the party’s presidential nomination. Despite offering to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht and proposing to include libertarians in his cabinet, Trump was met with boos and heckling from the audience.

Ultimately, they nominated Chase Oliver, and they will not win an election as usual.

Donald Trump had the courage and the will to attend the Libertarian Convention. He was booed along with shouts, chanting “End the Fed.”

Good Speech by Libertarian David Smith

Libertarian David Smith gave a speech to the groups present, Trump supporters, and Libertarians. He told the Libertarians they’re not college-level sissies and should be respectful by not booing. Mr. Smith said we can handle ideas we disagree with. Smith also explained what they stand for, including no wars and no intervention in Israel or Ukraine. He then told them that Donald Trump, as President, was framed by his own deep state and those people deserve to be in jail. It is a crime against our nation that intelligence agencies framed the sitting Commander-in-Chief, and not one of them has paid for that. And that is unacceptable, he said.

They believe in America First. They don’t want any more 20 year wars. We are $34 trillion in debt.

They booed loudest when he told them they should vote for him. He promised to put a Libertarian in his Cabinet and several in senior posts and then said, “Or you can go as you’re going and get your 3%.”

Mr. Trump said much of his record is Libertarian. He mentioned his tax reductions, claiming the best economy the US has had. The former President said he ditched tax regulations, so there was little inflation, salaries rose, and mortgage rates were low.

Energy independence propelled economic growth, he said.

The audience was loud and raucous. They want much more than Donald Trump is offering, but it is hard to believe they want any of Joe Biden’s offerings. Their candidate won’t win, and we face Armageddon. Many might go for Trump.

Trump was undeterred by the booing and just spoke loudly. By the end, he appeared to win over the crowd and nearly took down the house with, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” The media tried to say he was mocking them by quoting Patrick Henry. Donald Trump would never mock Patrick Henry.

The full speech:

Update: The Last paragraph was added after publication.

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