Donald Trump Will Only Run Under One Condition


What will it take to get Donald Trump to run again? Sebastian Gorka, his former aide explained that he will only do it — and he’d like to do it — if Republicans win the House and Senate.

We better pray that happens. Seb said Donald Trump can’t be at the mercy of the constant impeachments again. As he said, “you see how deranged the Democrats have become.”

“If we don’t crush the Democrats in the midterm elections next year. Because he can’t be at the mercy of impeachment again. He has to have the House and the Senate behind him,” Seb said.

He highlighted the Biden administration’s “disastrous” first year and said that he believes Trump will “stroll back into the West Wing.”

Democrats are in a Kevlar-coated bubble and have no idea what the average American thinks, Seb continued.

Seb also said there is no way Biden runs again and he explained why — and we all know why. He did a number on Pete Buttigieg also and his three-month leave as soon as he took the job as transportation secretary during a supply chain crisis.


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