Trump Loses Appeal on Aides Testifying – No Executive Privilege Rights


According to ABC News, a federal judge rejected former President Donald Trump’s executive privilege claims and ordered former top aides, including Mark Meadows, to testify before a federal grand jury investigating Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 election leading up to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

No Executive Privilege

Democrat judges destroyed executive privilege – at least for Republicans. They are destroying attorney-client privilege and due process as well. Republicans and Donald Trump have few rights. What Democrats don’t realize is if we lose them, so will they.

Meadows, a former White House chief of staff, was subpoenaed along with other former ranking aides by special counsel Jack Smith for testimony and records about his investigation, multiple sources familiar with the matter said.

Sources told ABC News that former Trump aides Nick Luna, John McEntee, and former DHS official Ken Cuccinelli were also included in the order.

The Justice Department requested Smith in November to oversee the federal investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election and Trump’s handling of classified documents after leaving office in January 2021.

Smith is a left-wing maniac.

Donald Trump has the right to appeal, and Donald Trump will likely appeal.

Last week, Judge Beryl Howell, a Clinton judge, ordered his lawyers to testify for the prosecution, destroying attorney-client privilege rights.

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11 months ago

Now you can’t tell your attorney the truth “especially” if the government is involved!

11 months ago

When Harry Reid was warned about doing away with the Filibuster, he didn’t Listen! Judges are being warn about doing away with Executive Privilege, they are not Listening. Democrats are even destroying attorney-client privilege rights. That will bite them on the Ass!

Don’t think that Conservatives and Patriots are just going to let bygones be bygones. Every Trump Supporter I know wants to go after Democrats with Malice. They want Democrats in jail for Malfeasance and Malicious Prosecution; that includes Judges! Luckily Republicans just want them in Jail. Democrat wackos seem to want people they don’t like dead. Just listen to people like Maxine Waters.

We know Trump Supporters are 75 Million strong and growing! If it comes to Civil War, Democrats will be an Endangered Species. Liberals may push Patriots too far. All Patriots have to do is nothing, stop feeding the Liberals in the Big Blue Cities for a month or two and it’s all over for the Big Blue City and Liberals. Rural People are prepared, with all those cows in the Field they will Steak for dinner every night. City Liberals just have their head in the Sand. You do know what happens when you stick your head in the Sand!