Don’t Get in the Way of NM Gov. Grisham’s Illegal Cartel Dope


A secret recording was leaked on Friday showing New Mexico governor Michelle Luanne Christian harshly criticizing Joe Biden’s port policies because he’s letting border patrol agents seize drugs transported illegally by cartels

I bet you didn’t expect that when I started the sentence.

The recording shows she’s closer to cartels than she is to the American people when it comes to law and order and what is best for Americans.

New Mexico has legalized the gateway drug marijuana, which is what she is referencing. However, it is illegal federally, and federal agents must seize illegally transported marijuana. Much of it is spiked with other drugs. Cartels are bringing this marijuana into the country.

She isn’t concerned about millions of anonymous, unvetted people coming in, some terrorists, criminals, perverts, and deadbeats. Not at all. Grisham is concerned that Border Patrol is stopping the cartels’ illegal transportation of marijuana.

Gov. Grisham

Rushed Partial Transcript

“I’m going to put extra borders going and beyond, for the love of God, put him at the border in Sunland Park where I don’t have a single border patrol agent, not one, and people pour over, and so I’m cranky with the secretary. He knew that was coming; he did not say a word to me. Politico wants to write an article. Every single major press group is asking repeatedly, basically accusing me of being feckless, and uh, Huffington Post, I mean, they’re all going to write about it.

[She ignores the fact that these are criminal cartels transporting it and making a fortune. They also lace marijuana.]

“They’re saying that they are worried about fentanyl, so they’re taking all of our cannabis, and they tried to, and they’re detaining people. We’ve never done that. We just use discretion and look the other way. But the press also knows that the bad Border Patrol is taking a hard stance, and the only way is either we have to adjust it, or I have to send you a letter saying, “You’re persecuting the states; you are not using your discretion, you are not working with me on immigration,” and I don’t want to send that letter, but I’m boxed in hard.

[She lacks all common sense.]

“Here’s what also the secretary said to me, just so you know: “Oh, who cares? They make a lot of money.” Well, first of all, (inaudible), so I was really offended by that. Shame on him, and then secondly, we’re the only state that lets baby producers in. If they lose a load, their business goes belly up. Yeah, I thought that was really inappropriate. Whatever you all want to do about that, it was really inappropriate.

“Yeah, if you can, I’ve held off the press, so I’ll send it to you. You know I got a nasty “The governor is feckless, and she’s going to let Biden walk all over her.” I can’t have that.

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