Dopey AOC Opposes Gas Exports via a Pipeline That Imports Oil


“A lot of these pipelines are being built so that the United States can export and sell natural gas abroad. And, you know, people make geopolitical arguments as to why that should be the case,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said stupidly on Instagram.

Uh, no. The Keystone XL Pipeline and the Michigan Line 3 pipeline bring oil from Canada to the United States. They are not gas pipelines and they are not exporting anything. The pipelines are the safest way to move oil, but the Left prefers the less safe transport — trains.

She used a big word — geopolitical — but didn’t dare explain what the geopolitical issue is.

Remember when the Left tried to make her sound like a scientist of sorts because of some high school or college science experiment she allegedly concocted? The Left has gone mad, truly they have.

If the US was trying to export gas to somewhere from an oil pipeline, I too would be concerned. It’s also a mystery why she opposes US exports when we import everything from the world’s worst polluters.

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