Dossier lies, smears, leaks aided by John McCain & the FBI knew


As the president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said in July, there were multiple copies of the infamous dossier. Why did they have several versions? One reason is John McCain and the FBI certainly knew all about it. The dossier and the probe were a sham.

“New documents received by Judicial Watch reveal that the late Arizona senator, John McCain, was “implicated” in the leaking of the “fraudulent” Steele dossier. As discovered in recent Judicial Watch findings, his office’s “edited” version of the dossier is but one of several, likely “four to five different versions” of the dossier which was sent to Comey’s FBI in late 2016,” Fitton said.

Basically, “McCain was a leaker trying to spread anti-Trump sentiment with that smear,” Fitton states. Furthermore, the documents show that “the FBI knew that McCain was leaking this all over the place, but they didn’t tell the court the extent of that.” Contradicting court filings released last year which “show the Arizona Republican senator had shared the dossier with several media outlets,” the FBI, in Fitton’s words, “was vague as to whether he was even responsible.”

Watch the clip outlining the leaks, smears, and deception the FBI had to know about:

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2 years ago

Government at every level, township, county/parish, state and fedgov are corrupt. Each level violates both federal and state CONstitutions on a regular basis. Oh, and do not think a lawsuit against seditious, government entities will win you a CONstitutional victory. It will not. The judiciary at every level is as corrupt as the rest of the PTB.

Also, just be aware your fellow citizens are no less communists who fully endorse the tyranny of every element of .gov. They are no better than the scum who draw a .gov paycheck.


Dave Bruce
Dave Bruce
2 years ago

Blah-Blah-Blah…and nothing happens. It’s all Kabuki Theater with Deep State/Swamp actors, stalling and trying to placate the masses that want justice. No indictments, no nothing…Graham, Burr, Barr, Durham are nothing but eyewash, protecting the Senate and House from all of their crimes. It really looks like a 2nd amendment cure needs to happen.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

We see glorified CRIMINALS every day !!!

We read about ‘INVESTIGATIONS’ all day long !!!

We see glorified TRAITORS every day !!!

When are we going to see INDICTMENTS ???

When are we going to see ARRESTS ???

When are we going to see BOND HEARINGS ???

When are we going to see TRIALS ???

When are we going to see SENTENCES ???

When are we going to see JUSTIFIED JAIL TIME ???

jaa dee
jaa dee
2 years ago


2 years ago

Am I in a time warp? Haven’t we known about McCain’s involvement since before he died!? LOL! This just in…Allies win WWII!

2 years ago

I remember the rumors when he was released from POW status that he was a collaborator. Many of my old time brothers in arms still believe it.