Double Vaxxed people Under 40 Appear to Be Driving Omicron


Omicron appears to be driven by young vaccinated people. Data from Denmark shows that just over 70 percent of omicron cases have been among those younger than 40. This is backed up from data out of South Africa, Sweden, and other diverse countries.

Now that we have a big push to vaccinate the young, we have a surge of Omicron.

COV vaccines can help with hospitalization according to South Africa data, but they are more resistant to Omicron than prior strains. Omicron is much milder than prior variants so far.

The Story

The new variant has now been detected in more than 60 countries, including 24 in Europe, with a similar pattern of infection and characteristics being reported across the globe.

It’s not clear how severe it will become.

“Generally those first cases are in relatively young, relatively healthy and – in the context of Europe – in relatively highly vaccinated groups,” Dr. Catherine Smallwood, a senior emergency officer at the World Health Organization’s Europe office, told the Telegraph.

Some 75 per cent of these cases were in fully vaccinated individuals, even double jabbed.

Daily cases in Denmark have surged by a third since early December, despite almost 80 per cent of the population being double vaccinated.

Older, more vulnerable populations are likely to be infected in the coming weeks as the variant’s spread picks up speed. This pattern is not especially new; it has been observed with previous strains and waves.

Data so far suggests there is a real increase in the number of breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals, compared to previous waves, but said it’s too soon to confirm whether the variant triggers milder disease.

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1 year ago

If you didn’t see the “vaccines” as a failure before, only morons can’t see it now.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The “human agency” driving the spread???

Four Part Choral
Four Part Choral
1 year ago

I thought the not-a-vaccine was the extra most bestest official science (in Thomas Dolby voice) so how are there any new cases at all?
But, but, but, muh science! (in Thomas Dolby voice)

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