St. Olaf cancels graduation unless you’re a minority or LGBTQIA+


Campus Reform reports that St. Olaf College in Minnesota plans to host three virtual graduation ceremonies for different groups of minority students, while others must wait until next year to celebrate their completion of college.

The three virtual graduation ceremonies for students in minority groups were announced by and will be hosted through the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion. This project of the school exists to help “students of color,” “LBGTQIA+” and international students “celebrate” their “awesomeness factor,” per the center’s website.

The center announced its intent to host the online graduation ceremonies via email, Friday.

“This event acknowledges the value and uniqueness of students’ experience and serves to commemorate and highlight the accomplishments of individuals within their familial and cultural context,” reads the email.

The three graduations are called the multicultural, international, and lavender graduations and are intended for American students of color, international students, and “LGBTQIA+” students, respectively.

What does this do except divide us and make some people superior to others? And what’s with the QIA+ added to the LGBT? This is getting insane also. People can be whatever they want but don’t make me a member of the insane society by force.

This is the PC world Democrats want you to live in. It will be one of constant division and hate with certain groups favored over others.

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