Dr. Birx presents charts showing the stunning reality of the virus’ progress


Is anyone asking why New York is so much worse than say, Los Angeles? Washington is also improving. Is anyone looking at it to see why New York is as bad as it is compared to every other state?

Dr. Deborah Birx has charts showing the stark difference between New York and New Jersey as well from other major cities in all 50 states.

The Governor of New Jersey has been angry about the residents not following the mandate to stay at home. In Trenton, the youth actually had coronavirus parties.

There is good news. Italy is consistently improving. It appears to have reached its peak. China also claims it has achieved victory over the virus but communists lie. Italy is a legitimate barometer of what we can expect. They are in their fourth week of stringent quarantine and are turning the corner. Many of the states show the same improvement.




  1. Notice they aren’t taking into account the Swedish situation, only Italy. Sweden has taken the opposite tactic. They are not “mitigating” as recommended by our professionals, yet their numbers are similar to ours With the mitigation efforts. In other words their charts look the same as ours. Some in Italy are saying they are counting every death as virus deaths, which will certain skew the data. Also notice we aren’t considering S. Korea’s statistics either.

    I thought they were going to bring “details” of the models to the briefing. I’m getting convinced these bureaucrats are deliberately using basically flawed data to make themselves seem like Real Heroes when it’s all over. This is turning into a real Scam. Just look at the numbers. WE are suppose to have around 200,000+ deaths “according” to their models. This virus is worldwide and we are behind most other nations, YET, the total worldwide deaths stands at around 40,000. They were questioned on the real numbers if everything is done, AS THEY SAY. It will be the same numbers of deaths. They KEEP pointing to the Italian model so when it is a fraction of their numbers they look More Like Heroes.

    We should also realize that Fauci is “head” of a bureaucracy and they have a budget of “x” dollars. If he can show himself being some kind of Hero guess what. His budget could very well be X*2. Trump is fighting a very skillful bureaucracy and they “know” how to get public money. You can be assured it will benefit him personally in the end.

    Basically what we were shown today is NO different than what Fox has on the sidebar daily. These graphs are “cumulative”, linear, graphs. That says very little when lacking a “rates” graph. A comparison of the rate of increase in cases, to the rate of increase of deaths is what is lacking. THAT is what they try to explain, but without a graph. They have all the figures, and to plug that into Excel and plot is as simple as can be. But we didn’t get That information. I suggests to me these bureaucracies want to keep up the hysteria, for some reason, and I believe the reason is budgetary.

  2. Newsmax gave some numbers on tested, hospitalized, and deaths. I calculated it out and the deaths per tested was at .3%. That’s Point 3 percent. I don’t know what the host was counting but he said 80% recovered, meaning 20% died. It looks like just added the percentages, of the percentage of the percentage. Can’t anyone in the media do basic Grade School Frickin Math.

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