De Blasio releases 900 criminals from jails, but arrests religious leaders


[Communist] New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio released 900 criminals from city jails to protect them from coronavirus, but he does have the NYPD arresting any religious leader who holds a service. He announced he would permanently shutter religious buildings if they are used to hold services.

The NYPD is directed to arrest pastors or rabbis who hold services.

De Blasio is okay with arresting religious pastors and rabbis but not if they’re friends. He asked the NYPD  to take care of a pastor who is a friend. Bishop Orlando Findlayter was released after the mayor called the NYPD. The Bishop was instrumental in getting de Blasio elected.

The Hill reported that De Blasio made the announcement about the release of criminals at a press briefing Tuesday.

Last week, De Blasio announced that the city would release hundreds of nonviolent offenders, with those accused of offenses such as domestic abuse not eligible for release.

Would he arrest an imam?

De Blasio is corrupt.

Go to 26;29 on the mark:

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3 years ago

Yep. Dumbest thing I’ve read today. smh

3 years ago

Mr. Dowling,

My question is a simple one….

How many of those NYC religious leaders voted for known communist DeBlasio ?

Many of those NYC religious leaders are getting exactly who and what they empowered. The onus is on them !

Igor Fernandes Cavalcanti
Igor Fernandes Cavalcanti
3 years ago

Imams fight back but we know that was rhetorical. Comrade Wilhelm knows that he has nothing to lose and boy does he take the Empire part seriously of NY state.
He should have a king’s throne transported to a hospital and sit outside with his divine right of kings scepter and put a stop to the virus while reading highlighted passages from Das Kapital.
Liberation theology is the religion of esteemed party member comrade kommissar Wilhelm.
All others will be silenced as part of the Great Leap Forward.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Lucifer IS the “Angel of Light”…lest we forget !!!