Dr. Braddock on the Damage RNC Spam Texts & Emails Did to Small Donations


Dr. Benjamin Braddock wrote on Twitter: “It cannot be underestimated just how much damage RNC, NRCC, and NRSC spam texts and emails have done to destroy small-donor fundraising for GOP candidates who don’t even do that. Send people ten texts a day from different numbers, and they will stop giving to anyone.”

That is so true.

I am still spammed all day on three email addresses, so I stopped giving. My family stopped donating after they were spammed over and over. Today alone, I received about five spam texts and over 100 emails from Herschel, Donald Trump Jr, Trump Records, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, Lauren Boebert, Runoff Alerts, and on and on. It lets you opt out of texts by typing “stop=end,” but it doesn’t work. Opting out of emails doesn’t work either.

A few spam emails:
A few of my spam emails. Check out the times and this is on Sunday.

While I know the candidates don’t send them out, I won’t chance donating ever again. They ruined my email addresses. I donated to my local candidate by going to the office in person.

The spam phone calls came non-stop as well. I tried to get off the lists, but that didn’t work either so I stopped answering the landline.

This is likely one of the reasons Democrats were able to outspend Republicans. Democrats had millions from small donors.

The RNC sued Google for putting 70% of their emails into spam. Too bad they optimum didn’t spam mine.

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