Dr. Dao Is On Tape Telling the Officer to Drag Him Off the Plane, He Preferred Jail


If you haven’t heard about the passenger being dragged off the United Airlines plane, you can see the videos of the incident on this link. Before he was dragged off, he was arguing with a law enforcement officer/security officer and an attendant, telling them he would not get off.

The officer told him he’d have to drag him off and the doctor, Dr. Dao, said he understood and would rather go to jail than get off willingly.

He was talking to his lawyer at the time, telling the lawyer to file suit against United. He now has two law firms representing him.

There is a clip showing some of what went on prior to his forcible removal.

In the clip, the police officer is heard telling Dr Dao he will have to drag him off. A female passenger sitting behind Dr. Dao took the video.

“I won’t go. I’m a physician I have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock,” Dr Dao responded.

Dr. Dao then tells the person he is talking to on the phone: “I… I tell you… make a lawsuit against United Airlines.”

The officer is then heard in the video again asking Dr Dao to leave.

“No I am not going,” he replies, shaking his head angrily.

From there, if you go to the original videos, you can hear him screaming as soon as he is touched.

In a note, an internal communication seen by Daily Mail, notes that the 69-year old doctor tried to strike police officers before being forcibly removed.

Dr. Dao has hired tow high-profile Chicago attorneys.

Tom Demetrio of the Corboy & Demetrio law firm that is routinely in the mix on high-profile personal injury and aviation cases, is part of Dr. David Dao’s new legal team.

Dao also is represented by Stephen L. Golan of Golan Christie Taglia, who issued a brief statement on Dao’s behalf Tuesday — not long after United’s CEO issued an apology for the infamous incident seen around the world.

According to the statement, Dao is undergoing treatment in a Chicago hospital for his injuries.

United Airlines will no longer use law enforcement officers to remove passengers from overbooked flights after global outrage erupted over a video showing a passenger dragged from one of its planes in Chicago.

“We’re not going to put a law enforcement official … to remove a booked, paid, seated passenger,” United Continental Holdings Inc Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz told ABC News on Wednesday morning. “We can’t do that.”

Munoz said United would be examining its incentive program for volunteers on overbooked flights and that once a passenger is already seated, “your incentive model needs to change.”

Of course the bloviating politicians are involved with more regulations on the airlines.

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen announced Wednesday plans for the Customers Not Cargo Act, which would prohibit the forcible removal of passengers already aboard an aircraft “due to overbooking or airline staff seeking to fly as passengers.”

Just what we need — another law.

There’s always a government official available to make things worse.

The CEO of United Oscar Munoz was on Good Morning America Wednesday and said crew were restricted by rules and the passenger could not be to blame. Dr. Dao will likely receive a big settlement.

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