Pete Buttigieg of Pothole Fame Is Going to Act on Car Deaths


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who qualified for the position as a gay man married to a gay man, is going to act on car deaths. He was known as Pothole Pete in his hometown because he never even fixed the potholes. Now he’s working on our transportation system — such irony!

“It doesn’t look good, and I continue to be extremely concerned about the trend,” Buttigieg said in a phone interview ahead of the strategy’s release on Thursday.

What Mr. Buttigieg is saying is not accurate. There is no trend. It was a one-year increase.

He claims the deaths are going up based on one year. In 2020 they did increase, but it’s in line with the ups and downs of car fatalities on our roads and highways. They went down in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Nonetheless, Buttigieg, son of a famous communist professor, needs a win so he’ll use 2020 and ignore the other years. He has a broad-based strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads, and boosting car safety features such as automatic emergency braking.

Redesigning roads is primarily aimed at eliminating the fake mantra of racist roads. It’s really climate change nonsense.

However, he also wants to design roads with curves to slow cars down. That sounds like something that would cause more accidents.

One of his ideas is to have a top speed for all cars. This way if you try to speed up to avoid an accident, you can’t.

Over the next two years, he said, his department will provide guidance as well as $5 billion in grants to states to spur lower speed limits and embrace safer road design such as dedicated bike and bus lanes, better lighting, and crosswalks. When roads become safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, it opens up transit options overall and can lead to fewer dangerous cars on the road, he said.

Bike lanes are meant to get the peasants out of their cars.

NYC had a zero car death policy and pedestrian fatalities went up.

This is more wasted money to satisfy the Leftists running the Democrat Party.

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