Dr. Fauci, Who Is Science Itself, Calls Dr/Sen Marshall a “Moron”


Mr. Science himself called Dr./Sen. Roger Marshall a ‘moron’ under his breath while he used Jesus Christ’s name in vain. If you don’t agree with Mr. Science, you’re against science.

Fauci got into a heated exchange with Republican Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas. The mediator told Marshall that she felt Fauci had sufficiently answered his question. Marshall no longer pursued the conversation but Fauci mumbled his derogatory comments.

You may not disagree with Fauci, science itself, Dr. Marshall. He is all-knowing. Mr. Science can even diss God — he’s that important.

Keep it classy, Fauci, you’re supposed to be a Catholic.

Fauci is arrogant and is too entrenched and sure of himself. This man has been wrong time and again with his zero-Covid, lockdowns, closing schools and businesses, terrifying Americans and children, and not letting us have treatments along with vaccines.

Watch or watch the full video at the end:

Dr. Fauci complained that a fundraising letter went out from Dr. Paul or a PAC with the ‘Fire Dr. Fauci’ pic and Dr. Paul got him again (see the next photo).

It’s rich that Fauci doesn’t want anyone to get him fired after he made Lara Logan disappear from Fox News.

Dr. Marshall Grills Dr. Science:

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