Dr. Fauci’s Angry – Obey! Go Get Your Mouse-Tested Booster


Dr. Anthony Fauci

While at an awards ceremony over the weekend, Dr. Fauci expressed his anger over people not getting the mouse-tested booster.

He does a lot of running around collecting awards. They love to pat each other on the back and give themselves awards in their medical echo chamber.

Dr. Fauci getting another lifetime award at Ali Center

We have a COVID vaccine and a booster that is matched very well to the circulating virus and yet only about 15% of people who have been vaccinated have gotten the boost, that is terrible,” the liFauci ranted. “We’ve got to do better than that.”

In total, only about 7% of all Americans have taken the new shot, according to the CDC.

The booster was only tested on seven mice who reportedly didn’t do very well. The shots were approved for emergency use which means no one can sue them. The mice are all dead, we hear.

Recent studies by both Columbia and Harvard found that the new boosters are no more effective than the old expired mRNA shots. Another [compromised?] study by Pfizer says they work better.

Ironically, Fauci received an award named after Mohammed Ali, who rebelled against the government’s order to fight in Vietnam.

“I want to encourage the young people here today but really throughout this country to reject a key ill that is currently tearing apart civil society,” he stated.

“What I refer to as the normalization of untruths. Put more bluntly, the normalization of lies that we see all around us. Now, helped along by social media, facts and falsehoods now coexist as sometimes equals, deliberately sowing confusion and discord and distorting reality,” he continued. “It is easy to become so inured to the ubiquity of misinformation that we simply accept it.”

Not agreeing with the great doctor and taking his mouse-tested vaccine is “sowing confusion and discord.”

I don’t know about lies, but seven mice are seven mice, studies disproving what he says are studies, and emergency authorizations indemnifying Pfizer and Moderna are concerning.

via Courier-Journal

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