Dr. First Lady Jill Woos the ‘Breakfast Taco’ Voting Bloc


The National Association of Hispanic Journalists, for the first time ever in US history, had to tell a First Lady that “we are not tacos”. Bet they didn’t think they would ever have to say that.

Hispanic Woman Pledging in front of US Flag

All normal people know that people who came from Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and so on, are not breakfast tacos. But, rather, they are Americans. They are politicians, farmers, clerks, nurses, doctors, chefs, landscapers, hard workers, parents sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and often God-fearing people.

Tell your Democrat friends, Hispanic people are AMERICANS, not Latinx or breakfast tacos.

EdD Jill also called them LatinX which is clearly phony, pandering, and condescending. There is no equal translation in Spanish or Portuguese.

Calling all these different people Hispanics is even silly. They all come from very different countries. The Left puts them in one big cauldron of anonymity to seduce them as a voting bloc. That’s how they treat them – just a voting bloc.

However, since 2008, Americans from south of the border have voted in increasingly higher numbers for Republicans. They should be Republicans since that’s where their values are.

Also, the correct pronunciation of a small Spanish convenience store called a bodega is /boʊˈdeɪ.ɡə/. EdD Jill called it a bogeda.

Jill’s Breakfast Taco People Respond


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

She’s a crass simpleton. We can imagine who she selects to write speeches.

1 year ago

First Lady Jill Biden is just as out of touch with reality as Traitor Joe. We need to stop electing the country club crowd of Educated Morons. We need to get them all out of DC including their spouses.