Dr. Peter McCullough Addresses the Twitter Ban


Dr. Peter McCullough, the most esteemed cardiologist in America, is permanently banned from Twitter. Unqualified critics banned the most published medical expert in his field from Twitter.

Dr. McCullough was on Dan Bongino’s Fox show last night and explained what happened when he was canceled. As he said, there was a lot of activity, with people losing thousands of followers. His account went down to zero followers and was then summarily suspended.

Dr. McCullough said it was medical censorship. He noted that it followed the Newsom law  AB2098, California’s doctor muzzle law.

This is his last tweet before he was eliminated.

The video Are the Kids Okay? includes a TV ad for kids who get myocarditis. This is an industry first, and it is a tacit admission that the condition is not rare or mild.

This is the video that probably got him banned:

Watch the full interview:

Read the data behind the “Are the kids OK?” PSA 

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