Dr. Phil Has Advice for Parents and Donald Trump


Dr. Phil discussed the benefits and serious drawbacks of technology with a warning to parents. He also had advice for Donald Trump.

He spoke about influencers in this clip. He said these influencers pretend they’re off to Cabo or Aspen and just change clothes for the clip without going anywhere. GenZers ages 25 years and under want to be an influencer more than a doctor or a lawyer or architect. He was illustrating the power of the Internet that some bad actors exploit.

With regard to Donald Trump, at about 1:11 on the mark, Glenn Beck asked Dr. Phil how he would get a jury to understand Donald Trump’s perspective as he goes to trial in these various cases.

Phil said you have to put the prosecution on trial. You don’t want to put Donald Trump on trial. You want to put the other side on trial.  You come off better if you flip the script. You need to find the other side’s motives to bring this case. Are you going to bring this case in a way that alters the course of American politics or are you going to let the electorate make the decision.

It’s an interesting discussion.

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