Drag Queen Who Performs for Kids Joins Biden at the White House


Biden invited a drag queen to the White House today to witness the signing of the “Respect for Marriage Act,” which enshrines same-sex marriage into law. It also rescinds the Defense of Marriage Act. Some see it as a Trojan Horse to attack churches and other religious organizations.

Drag queen activist Marti Cummings celebrated the invite on Twitter, and though he keeps his account private, the Libs of TikTok account shared Cummings’ status. He performs for children. As we said, he’s an activist. Is there a message here?

Why do drag queens perform for children?

“To be a nonbinary drag artist invited to the White House is something I never imagined would happen. Thank you President & Dr. Biden for inviting me to this historic bill signing. Grateful doesn’t begin to express the emotions I feel,” Cummings tweeted while sharing a screenshot of the White House invite.

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11 months ago

How did we put and immoral bastard like Joe Biden in the White House. Oh, that’s right the FBI hide his Immoral son’s Laptop with videos of Hunter Biden reportedly having sex with children and emails detailing the Crime Family’s Activities. What’s 10 times worse is a Congress that refuses to Impeach Him or look into Stolen Elections! Our Government is no more than a Den of Devils! They will all burn in Hell, but we should bring them to Justice and hang them first.