UK Data: Vaccinated People Have 26% Higher Mortality Rate


U.K. data shows that vaccinated people have a 26% higher mortality rate than unvaccinated so get vaccinated before the holidays, as fake doctor Jill Biden and Tony say.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) is holding roundtable discussions on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and safety with experts and medical professionals.

At the latest roundtable meeting titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries,” they featured Josh Sterling, a highly-acclaimed insurance analyst and founder of “The Insurance Collaboration to Save Lives.” Sterling says “the best statistics we have” and “the one chart that tells the entire story” all point to higher mortality rates in those who took COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Biden and The WHO are trying to vaccinate the world and the shots don’t work.

26% Higher is the Low Number

People in the UK who took the vaccine have a 26% higher mortality rate than the unvaccinated. The people under the age of 50 who took the vaccine have a 49% higher mortality rate. The people who took only one dose of the vaccine have an astonishing 145% higher mortality rate than the unvaccinated.

Josh explains that the people who took the first dose and stopped were the ones who were disproportionately harmed from the start. They most likely were the ones who experienced mild or moderate side effects. They conclude if you were mild or moderately harmed by the first dose of the vaccine and decided not to continue, statistically, you have a 145% higher chance of mortality, at least as it stands today – without any treatments, cures or interventions.

If you took the UK data and applied it to the United States (without any adjustments) that ends up being 600,000 extra vaccine-induced excess deaths per year. Yikes!

That would explain the excess deaths.

The vaccinators say people must keep getting the doses to be safe. However, you have to take them every two months, and the variant is likely almost gone even by that time.

The Left hates unvaccinated people, but the joke could be on them.



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