Alabama Parade Features Drag Queens Prancing Down Wuff Road


The family Christmas parade in Semmes Alabama featured Drag Queen dancers prancing but the skit bombed with many in the crowd, none of whom were notified and brought children to the event.

Dressed in red and white Santa sweaters and snug white shorts, the four young men performed a routine that entailed a combination of sharp thrusts, swaying and elaborate hip movements. Each member also sported pristine make-up, according to CBS local news.

Nothing like dancing to stereotypes.

Prancing elites

The drag queen dance troupe call themselves the Prancing Elite. They were invited by the parade organizers but apologized for offending anyone. They said they didn’t know they would be anything less than welcomed but that isn’t exactly accurate since the leader said no matter what the crowd says or does, keep prancing.

Next year, the Town Council will organize the event.

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