DRUGS are their business & they will do anything to keep it going


U.S. Border Patrol is apprehending an average of 3,000-4,000 illegal border crossers per day at the U.S.-Mexico border. Judicial Watch reports that Mexicans in the U.S. have “sent a record $33.48 billion in remittances last year” back across the border.

According to the report, “a big chunk of it flowed through a government program operated by the Federal Reserve.”

New figures released by Mexico’s central bank showed that transactions are increasing at an alarming rate, with nearly six million more transactions taking place in 2018 (104 million) than those which were executed in 2017.

Meanwhile, the leftist MSM and Democrats deny anything at all is going on. Orwell couldn’t have written this story any better.


What we are up against is far more than opportunists traveling to the land of the freebies.

Look at the drug industry and Mexico. They will do anything to continue their operation and illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is probably the shiny object, the distraction for the real issue — drugs.

These people are violent transnational criminals and they are terrorists threatening our nation whether people want to believe that or not.

While the war of drugs is waged, politicians pretend nothing is happening.

El Chapo is still in control, even though he’s in prison.

You have to watch this:


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4 years ago

The drug industry is so huge, and the illegal alien flow is cover for it. There must be officials in the US tied to it. Plus the cities have these gangs which left alone by law enforcement.

Think about prohibition, wasn’t that situation similar?