“Drunk Judge” Works 1 in 214 Days, Gets Pay Raise, Blasts “Racist” Media


The Daily Wire has the story of Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio, dubbed the “drunk judge” by Rochesterians and the media, went on a drunken rant recently, calling the media “racist”. They questioned her pay raise and that set her off.

She only shows up for work one day in 214 and just got a pay raise of $11,000 at taxpayer expense.

She makes $187,200 a year.

Station 13 Wham News reported that “Astacio did report for work on Tuesday, February 27 for one day – and has not been back since.” Before her one day on the job in 2018, Astacio had not reported to work since August 31 the previous year.

By letter, Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran ordered the judge back to the bench on February 26. She didn’t come back.

She’s Really Angry With the Racist Media

Judge Leticia tore into the media for the “negative” and “racist” news coverage of her raise and said she did not report to work because she had a “medical excuse”. She says she gave a doctor’s note to Doran. According to her, she deserves the raise.

“Why’s my name in the headlines?” she asked via Facebook. “Because your racist news stations … You’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid.”

She originally wrote this: “Yes I got a raise. All City Court judges outside of Nyc did. Why’s my name in the headlines? Because your racist news stations would rather talk about me than the judge that stole $400,000 from his dying clients, likely saw the same bump in his pension and was never criminally charged. You’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid. I don’t want to hear about it. Also I hate that picture spectrum do better.”

And that got 264 likes.

It’s actually a very good thing this woman doesn’t go to work. Would you want her to judge anyone or anything?

The responses were fascinating. The names have been omitted for obvious reasons…these people are nincompoops.

Of course they wont say nothing about the white man or women who does wrong they never do they need to make it seem as if your a criminal for gettinh a raise the media loves to portray blacks and bad and everything other than human and upstanding citizens everyone in the media knows it also [not one period, not a one]

And when racist pigs get paid leave for gunning down black bodies, all these tax payers are silent

Is there a way to file a suit against the news station for slander or non biased testing

I was so happy you got your raise shit it’s still murdering cops who still get paid f[edit]k these f[edit]ers that news was great

Can’t wait to read the new hating ass, white tears articles that are now gonna end with “Judge Astacio continues to collect her 185,000 judicial salary”…

There were many more but all expressed the same insane sentiments.

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