Duke U Professor Wants $14T in Reparations for 40 Million Slave Descendants


On Dr. Phil’s show, Duke University professor William Darity said the US needs to enact a $14 trillion reparations program. It would hand $350,000 to every black American descendant of slaves, The Daily Mail reports.

The political Left won’t stop with this. It won’t satisfy and they will come back for more. That’s how the Left operates.

The economics professor was challenged by other panelists who appeared with him on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil said it is unwise to give any group a large lump sum of money and expect them to spend it wisely.

Darity’s committed to reparations. He co-authored the book From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century.

Darity suggested the US government send checks like they did during the pandemic.

“It would be paid by the federal government in the same way in which the federal government has met the expenses that were paid out for the purposes of trying to deal with the great recession and also, most recently, with the economic downturn associated with the great pandemic,” he said.

There is no legitimate reason for black people to get trillions from white people. It’s a scam based on greed or wrongthink.

You can watch a longer clip on this link.

Prof. Darity said the money would be used to end the wealth gap between black and white people. We had a black president. The wealth gap isn’t the fault of white people.

The $14 trillion would surely bankrupt the US and do nothing to relieve the wealth gap. It’s a very extreme idea from the communist Pan-African movement.

Partial clip:

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