Never Been This Bad for Dems Since the Killer Rabbit Attack


Joseph Robinette Biden

Former failed President Carter was almost ‘killed’ by a killer rabbit once, and things haven’t been as bad for Democrats since. We are going through Jimmy Carter redux, only worse. James Earl Carter Jr. was the most mocked, incompetent president of recent times. Joseph Robinette Biden replaced him. As a result, far-left Democrats are poised to lose big in November.


The Jimmy Carter rabbit incident, sensationalized as a “killer rabbit attack” by the press, also known as the “1979 Jimmy Carter rabbit incident”, involved a swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) that swam toward then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s fishing boat on April 20, 1979.

Carter told his staff about the rabbit attack and they didn’t believe him. Actually, he was somewhat attacked. The staff were thinking of a little bunny. This was a big-footed swamp creature. The White House photographer caught the President shooing it away and then he snapped the critter swimming away.

Big Bunny
Shooing the critter away
It became a political message.


Carter once nearly cried on TV over the sorry state of affairs – economic crisis, inflation, gas lines, a hostage crisis and later, a failed rescue, and more. The only president worse than him was James Buchanan. Both are now replaced by Joe.


Carter lost the presidency and Ronald Reagan was swept into the presidency. A number of senators were swept in with him. They were only in for one term and were labeled the accidental senators.

The Republicans took the United States Senate for the first time in 24 years, and they held it for four years. Another 14 years later, they took the House after forty years in the minority. The GOP also retook the Senate that year.

Reagan and his new Senate took everyone by surprise. It was the largest swing in a Senate election since 1958. It was the Senate GOP’s best showing since 1946 when voters turned against Truman. The Republicans gained seats in the House as well.


It was a disaster for Democrats, and now we have the looming disaster for them in 2022. Inflation, labor shortages, housing shortages and sky-high prices, baby formula shortages, supply chain problems, a new war, an open border, and more.

Americans don’t think we’re going in the right direction, even most of the alleged 81 million who sent us to this catastrophic place. NBC News poll found that 16% of Americans think we’re going in the right direction. A Monmouth poll has 80% saying we’re going in the wrong direction.

Corporate America seems very good at manufacturing profits, virtue signaling, and cozying up to the big government. What they’re not so good at is putting out their products.

Private equity groups are forcing the far-left, nutsy ESG (environmental, social, governance) agenda on the Fortune 500. It’s really bad for business and great for China.

Corporate America is buying up homes, making the American Dream of home ownership into a rental nightmare nation. Bill Gates and China are buying up farmland with no end in sight. They support the failed leftist dreams.

Schools are damaging children with lockdowns and leftist, anti-American indoctrination. Disagree and the FBI notices.

Biden won’t protect Americans and gives our jobs and benefits to foreigners coming illegally.

He’s crushing energy. Americans are afraid they can’t fill up their gas tanks or heat their homes.

The Midas Touch from Hell

His arrogant dictatorial rules make us into peasants and he will be replaced by a Republican in 2024.

Biden has literally made everything he touches worse.

Democrats can scream out lies about abortion but it’s taking them nowhere. People are fed up with the rioting, cursing, and violent brats they send out, making us look like the third-world. The rising crime they refuse to address with their pro-criminal views is attracting cartels. The US now sports the highest drug deaths in US history, and a monstrous increase in sex trafficked children and sex trafficking in general.


In Pennsylvania, any Republican can probably win. Dr. Oz looks like a fraud, but he can win. While David McCormick is a safer and better choice for electability, Kathy Barnette could win. In Georgia, Herschel Walker has a lot of baggage but the situation is such that he could win. Others would be better positioned to win but rule no Republican out.

Republican Eric Greitens has been outed as a sexual predator, but who knows if even he can win in this climate.

The replacement theory now means Democrats will be replaced by Republicans.

On top of it all, Joe Biden has dementia and Kamala Harris sounds like she does.

It’s 1980 all over again. Prior to that, the Progressive Era of 1890-1913 did similar damage to what we see today.

The political parties have realigned, Republicans are the party of the working man – despite Mitch McConnell – and Democrats are the party of the billionaires and corporations. People know it.

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1 year ago

N either David McCormick or Kathy Barnette can win the General election in PA. Trump is taking the realistic route with Oz. Oz has name recognition and isn’t seen as Ultra MAGA by PA Liberals. Even PA Liberals want change, but the are scared of America First Ultra-MEGA change. Democrats are going to lose, but Trump is playing for keeps. Democrats went after Trump so Trump will destroy the Democrat Party and send a lot of Democrats to jail in the process. That is the kind of thing Liberals are terrified that Trump will do. If Trump Destroys the Democrat Party, Liberals will no longer have a home politically.