Economic damage to come…and soon


The Biden crew, using the usual class warfare bromides, are pretending only those making $400,000 and more are being taxed.

However, reversing the tax cuts will hurt the middle class, women, and minorities the most since they benefitted the most from the Trump tax cuts.

The ‘stimulus package’ that’s coming is a Trojan Horse for the Green New Deal. Biden wants to build the Great Society on steroids by 50th power, Larry Kudlow says in the clip below. One of the most disturbing aspects of the so-called stimulus bill Biden just signed and what he will try to pass on infrastructure includes large welfare programs that will be permanent. They are also unraveling all the work requirements. They’ve been stripped. That leads to dependency and it will undermine the economy.

Restaurants can’t get help because the owners are competing with the federal government. Biden wants to punish success. They want income redistribution, not growth. The left-left thinks it will lower poverty rates although we know from history that it does the opposite.

Eventually, they want a universal basic income for all Americans, Kudlow says.

[By the way, that is clearly communism.]


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1 year ago

Democrats are making living in Big Blue Cities intolerable. The cost of living in many Blue Cities is already twice that of rural America. Here in the Rural South, we can grow enough trees to produce enough wood to get us through a cold winter. That “can’t” happen in a Big Blue City without fossil fuel. We produce enough oil and gas down here in the South to power everything we want. When we tell the Federal Government to take a hike it will cost 10 times as much to live in a Big Blue City. Ask a Democrat what their end game is and the reality is they have no clue. They just complain to complain and have no clue what they are doing. Soon people in the City will be eating Soylent Green and I will continue having a fresh salad from my garden, fresh eggs from the chicken coup, steaks from the cows in the pasture, and fish from the river. Consider that not too long ago, an egg was worth more by weight than Zimbabwe currency. A chicken would get you a weeks worth of labor. At the rate the Democrats are printing Dollars, it won’t be too long until a carton of eggs will cost a backpack full of dollar bills and I’ll be burning dollars in the fireplace for heat because it will be easier then chopping down a tree. That is where Democrats are going to take America unless YOU stop them!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

They knew disaster was coming when they supported the election coup. Biden did not steal the election himself.

After the damage is starting, which he knew would occur, Mitch plays the game of vote republican in 2022. See Mitch whine. Whine Mitch whine.

1 year ago

The CCP is directing the economic policy of the ChiCom agents they have installed in the White House. The object is to crush the US economy, nothing else and nothing less, and quickly reach the CCP’s goal of world domination without firing a single shot. These policies must be resisted on all levels. The courts are useless. SCOTUS killed off whatever was left of the Rule of Law. The Republican Party is populated by subhuman traitors such as Pence. The only hope and justice will come from the barrels of ten million patriot’s guns.

We Must Move Quickly
We Must Move Quickly
1 year ago

Equality of results for all comrades of the glorious unity collective.
Enjoy sardine can city living with a UBI particle board hovel and a mule driven Zil or Trabant.
The grocery isn’t too big to fail rated so the UBI won’t get very much. (sad trombone)
The rolling blackouts will be random but the whitey cracka neighborhoods will be first in line and the unicorn flatulence, solar panel powered utopia will be a long dark winter.
Bugs, soylent mystery meat, soy milk, old face masks, will be the diet.
At least we will finally be equal.
Forward! Si se puede!