What Do We Do Now? Transportation Preparedness


What Do We Do Now? Transportation Preparedness

By Gene Van Shaar


What would you do if owning a fossil-fueled vehicle became illegal or if the use of your car was severely limited? It’s time to start preparing for such surreal eventualities because the reigning leftist tyrants are planning to thrust it on us in the name of “equality,” “saving lives,” or “saving the world.” Don’t let your life and the lives of your family be jeopardized by such saintly sounding but life-crushing falsehoods.

Many folks are excited about receiving the tiny portion of the COVID19 stimulus package that is being paid directly to the people. What they fail to realize is that most of that money will be eaten up by Biden’s executive orders causing the price of fuel to skyrocket. It has already increased greatly, and the rise is projected to continue. It’s all part of the “Green New Steal.”

It’s perfectly clear that those at the top are doing all this on purpose. They have told us over and over that, they want to kill productive capitalism so they can replace it with redistributive socialism. Making the price of fuel so high that we can’t afford to drive has long been part of their plan.

Travel Freedom

Mobility has always been an important aspect of American liberty. We love to go where we want and doing so without fear of government intervention is a basic American right.  Socialists know they have to restrict travel, or their citizens will run. People always flee from socialist states, but not even brainwashed students try to run to them once the ghastly reality of living in such a state settles in.

In the United States, “Freedom of travel and a citizen’s freedom to travel from state to state is a fundamental right that can legally be restricted only in the narrowest of circumstances. Interstate travel is a basic right under the Constitution.” (uslegal) In opposition to this right, “During the COVID-19 epidemic, state and local governments have restricted greatly the freedom of citizens to travel from one place to another…many of these restrictions violate modern constitutional law.” (tenthamendmentcenter)

Contrary to constitutional principles, the Biden administration seems to be planning to switch away from taxing the fuel used, to taxing by the miles driven. Such a monumental change would empower the government to surveil and regulate all vehicular travel. In other words, it would be a giant step away from travel and transportation freedom and into socialist oppression.

The Biden/Harris administration is also planning to regulate vehicle design and production so drastically that most practical car and truck designs will be regulated out of existence. Socialists hate private ownership of any kind, especially cars.

In a recent email Florida congressman Matt Gaetz wrote:

Slow Joe Biden thinks he should be able to decide who can travel and where via executive action with the stroke of a pen…If Sleepy Joe thought banning travel to China was “xenophobic” and a European travel ban was pointless…Why does he want to keep Americans from seeing their family and friends…Banning travel to states that didn’t vote for you would set a disturbing and dangerous precedent. This is something straight out of his friends in the Chinese communist party’s playbook!

Travel and Transport Solutions

The first solution is for every state and locale to resist regulations that restrict or tax the freedom of mobility. States, groups of states, cities, and counties need to consider establishing travel sanctuaries (similar to second amendment sanctuaries) and outlaw federal overreach within their boundaries.

Second, don’t ever vote for anyone willing to unconstitutionally restrict mobility. If you enjoy driving and were foolish enough to vote for anyone like Biden, it’s past time to wake up to the new socialist reality. Always remember, an imperfect person who fights for freedom is vastly superior to a hypocrite who fights against it.

States and businesses need to strive for autonomy in every aspect of vehicle and fuel production, refinement, and distribution. Non-constitutional interference needs to be overruled by legislative and legal actions. Citizens need to prepare to work around transportation limitations in creative ways and establish trusting relationships with dealers, shops, parts outlets, and fuel suppliers.

Third, we also need to prepare alternate forms of transportation. Bikes, horses, wagons, skates, rickshaws, and public conveyance could all be pursued as alternative forms of transport. Since we are unlikely to be blessed with Star Trek transporters, we ought to plan on doing a lot more walking which will require hiking boots or other durable footwear and the kind of clothes that will protect us from heat and cold.

Many years ago, country singer John Denver (now deceased) was criticized for installing large fuel tanks on his estate. Fuel storage is expensive, difficult, and often dangerous but in the future, lots of folks might be wishing that they had more. If you think all of this is alarmist nonsense just review what is happening to the price of fuel in any leftist state.

And lastly, in addition to fighting travel and vehicle restrictions, and preparing alternative modes of transportation, we should consider how we could restructure our lives in order to reduce the need to travel long distances on a regular basis. Maybe a move closer to your workplace is in order? Or a change of job to work closer to home? Or alternatively, perhaps moving farther off the grid is more appealing to you. If so, working toward true self-sufficiency or small community sufficiency should be near the top of your priority list.

In any case, it would be wise—and may quickly become imperative—to consider what your life would be like without travel freedom and plan accordingly.

Copyright © 2021 by Gene Van Shaar


Gene Van Shaar is a freedom fighter and pro-Trump writer. He has written many articles and books, including Pillars of Truth and Freedom, My Life and Lessons, Freedom and The Obama Debacle, The Freedom Saving Series, and The Scriptural Insight Archive.


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