Eddie Gallagher Is Not Guilty!


Update: On Wednesday, Gallagher was sentenced to four months for the photo he took with the terrorist’s body and that went to time served. He was knocked down one grade and he will have to pay over $2600 for four months. That’s it.

Eddie Gallagher, 40, was accused of stabbing an injured teenage ISIS terrorist to death and of shooting at civilians during a deployment to Iraq in 2017.

The highly-decorated Navy SEAL and special warfare chief was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder.

Jeff McAdam,  reporter at , tweeted, “Chief Eddie Gallagher found NOT guilty for pre-meditated murder charges. Guilty on one count of wrongfully posing with a body. 4 month sentence but has already been credited with 201 days served. He should be able to go home tonight .”

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