Egg prices have risen 161% – Everything Is Skyrocketing


Egg prices have risen 161% for business owners, according to the latest producer price index. In part, it’s due to the Avian flu, but not in total. Egg prices are also a victim of Bidenflation.

The CPI shows how prices rise for consumers and the PPI shows the costs to businesses that supply the eggs.

Also, a massive fire that killed tens of thousands of chickens in Minnesota hasn’t helped.

It was the only food item with a triple digit increase, according to WFLA.

The chicken wanted to model for the camera.

Liquefied petroleum, gasoline, home heating oil and diesel fuel. All of them had price increases between 86% to 118% for producers. For consumers, prices at the pump rose as much as 44% for motor fuels. Increases ranged from under 40% for premium, to 44.2% for regular unleaded gas.

Other motor fuels were up 64.2% for consumers, while fuel oil was up 80.5%, according to the CPI. Crude petroleum prices for producers were up 75.2%.

On both price indexes, coffee prices grew from April 2021 to-date. For shoppers, roasted coffee was up 14.7% while producers saw their roasted coffee prices rise 13.4%, year-over-year in the PPI.

More on the material side, the cost of unprocessed wheat was up 84.8%, while the cost for “slaughter chickens” rose 78.4%.

Raw milk prices were also higher, up 32.5%, with dairy products overall up 20.4%.

Alfalfa hay, used for animal feed, had prices increase 56.1%. The cost of corn for producers rose 31.9% compared to the year before.

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