Egypt Rejects All Gazan Refugees


Israel and Egypt have both tried to contain Gaza because they are run by Hamas. The people of Gaza voted for Hamas. The American left has tried very hard to stop all containment of Gazans as has the left in Israel.

This last Saturday, should show them why Gaza must be contained. Hamas are savages. They are cowards who attacked innocent, unarmed civilians. They committed every atrocity they could think of. They’ve taken hostages and called the parents of these hostages on cell phones so they could kill them in front of their families using FaceTime.

These people are pure evil, and I don’t care how they got that way. And I don’t feel sorry for them because they had a bad childhood.

It’s not only Israel that blockades them. Egypt does as well.

Neither Israel nor Egypt caused them to be like this. They have free will and chose it. They enjoyed the killing, and as they went from apartment to apartment in these encampments, they were laughing. They’ve taken joy in inflicting the most pain that they possibly could.

Egypt will provide humanitarian aid to Gazans, but they have no intention of opening safe corridors for refugees. According to security sources, Egypt doesn’t want them.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the US has been consulting with Israel and Egypt about the idea of a safe passage for civilians from Gaza. One of the Egyptian security sources, who asked not to be identified, said, “Egypt rejected the idea of safe corridors for civilians to protect the right of Palestinians to hold on to their cause and their land.”

The UN also does not want to see a mass exodus of Gazans.

Their excuses are just that – excuses – they don’t want the terrorists, period. As long as Hamas controls Gaza, the strip of land will never be recognized as anything but a safe haven for terrorists.

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