Egyptian Activist Says She “Unapologetically” Islamizes New York City


New York City is like a foreign country or several foreign countries. An Egyptian Muslim activist secured a permit to bellow the call to prayer three times a day from loudspeakers, kicking off at 6 am, to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Muslims are 3.7% of the population in Astoria.

Rana Hamid

Rana Abdelhamid applied for and got three sound permits to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer for the Astoria mosques.

Egyptian activist Rana Abdel Hamid celebrated her win by claiming that she and other Muslims were the actual victims of the September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks and that they should “unapologetically” Islamize the city.

Astoria’s demographic makeup is  14.7% of the population identified as Asian, 5.2% identified as Black, 27.4% identified as Hispanic, and 49.5% identified as White.

This is actually the work of the Marxist Democrats who hate God, country, and Christianity. Eventually, they will turn on the Muslims too. Or, perhaps the Muslims will one day take over.

This went on in Times Square as well.

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