Ukraine’s Red Dawn or Massive Defeat


“President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Ukrainian warriors have unleashed a “Red Dawn”-like response against Russian troop advances in nearly every part of the country, say Jonathan Sweet and Mark Toth in an op-ed in The Hill.

The article praises President Zelensky, his military, and their successes. The authors continually characterize Russian forces as inept.

“But are we witnessing an RMA? Yes, but it’s a culmination of bad Russian strategy, the Kremlin’s overreliance on antiquated tactics, poor training, abysmal execution, and Ukraine’s adaptation to asymmetric armor tactics. Poor operations security contributed as well. The modern-day tank has lost its “fear factor”; its presence makes everything around it vulnerable,” the authors write.

Russian President Putin, France’s President Macron, German Chancellor Merkel, Ukraine President Zelensky in 2019.

However, Ukraine isn’t picking up land, and the new Pentagon papers indicate we are losing the proxy war. Ukraine also had to delay their long-planned counter-offensive.

Then I found this on Russia’s admittedly propagandized Tass:

MOSCOW, April 22. /TASS/. Rebellions have begun among Ukrainian servicemen in Chasov Yar and Konstantinovka, as they are dropping their arms and walking out, Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the PMC Wagner, said on Saturday.

“Revolts have begun among the servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces in Chasov Yar and Konstantinovka. They are dropping their arms, rising and leaving,” said Prigozhin, cited on his press service’s Telegram channel.

This is how Prigozhin responded to a request to comment on reports that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had demanded from Ground Forces Commander Alexander Syrsky that his troops stand their ground in Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine) until May 9 so as “to prevent a big informational victory of Russia.”

Artyomovsk, located in the Kiev-controlled area of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), is a major transport hub supplying the Ukrainian military grouping in Donbass. Yan Gagin, an advisor to DPR head, told TASS on April 18 that Russia’s forces had taken control of nearly 90% of Artyomovsk.

Chasov Yar and Konstantinovka are just outside of Bakhmut. Is it Russia’s Red Dawn? In the end, Russia has the numbers.

The Russian army is allegedly closing in on one million troops. Col. MacGregor said Russia probably feels he has no other choice but to end the war on terms he can live with.

Zelensky will no longer send troops into Ukraine, and The Wagner Group shut off roads to Bakhmut.

Gen. Petraeus is possibly a mouthpiece for the globalists, but he paints a rosy picture that Col. MacGregor addresses in the clip below.

NATO Chief Stoltenberg, a puppet of D.C., makes it clear that we will fight to the end. That could end up in Russia taking the entire country. D.C. won’t look to negotiate.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

The Hill is just more junk propaganda. (RINOs love that publication. Ryan was one.) The passage from the hill looks like government propaganda converted into a more literary form. That is what our corrupt media does, it processes the government propaganda it is given to make it look like reporting. The product is silly, they make no case for anything by saying Russia is botching the war effort, especially when Russia has taken all the territory in its plan.

Stoltenberg sure looks like a puppet, his facial expressions and words show that. He seems to state things he was told to say and looks for approval of those words like a child does.

The globalists will prolong this as long as possible and steal as much of our money and security as possible. Russia is getting rich. They money is nearly 100% backed by gold.

In this case as with the Pentagon Papers, the USA knows it is losing and intends to lose. As much money as possible is being taken from us.

The HIll does not mention that key supersonic missile hit by Russia.

10 months ago

Military Summary update.

There’s been video after video of columns of UAF being wiped out with multiple strikes. Today a mortar fire on a dugout saw one man flung in the air about 30 or more feet.

It’s beyond sad to see so many being sitting ducks only to be wiped out. Oftentimes they can hear the drone coming for armor and many didn’t run fast enough. A few manage and we can assume they survived but who knows.

I’ve read some Aidar Telegram channels who are confident they will win and around the same time complaining about being attacked from all over. As one said, ‘we are being attacked on four sides‘. It is beginning to look as if it will end up being to the ‘last man‘.

The arrogance of leaders continuing this is evil. This is real life and not some damn movie. Men are being blown to bits and it can be seen time and again. I haven’t seen a single video of Zelensky visiting the relatives of those who died. Surely it would be posted on his channel.

We saw our men coming back from Iraq and surprising their children at school and the kids wouldn’t let go. The exact same scenes have been posted with Russian soldiers.

10 months ago

As Ukraine Solders see the devastation caused by Hyper-sonic Missiles they will turn on President Zelensky. I doubt Putin will even need to go Nuclear to end this by August. If we Impeach Joe Biden this War will be over by the end of May and save countless lives. The Military Industrial Complex is doing all they can to keep the House from Impeaching Biden.