El Chapo’s Wife to Appear In a Reality Show Glamorizing Cartels


The entertainment industry needs to have some “corporate responsibility, former DEA chief Derek Maltz believes. ‘Cartel Crew’ is a made for VH1 docuseries on cartel life, currently in its second season, and El Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel, is set to appear in it.

Emma Coronel Aispuro

“We are in the worst drug crisis, the worst national security crisis, and border crisis the country has ever seen and now we are going to glamorize the cartel wives,” Maltz said.

The only thing to talk about is the death and destruction, Maltz says.

While the United States is inundated with drugs and other horrendous crimes are perpetrated by cartels, his wife will be elevated with the added effect of minimizing what cartels do.

The cartels are terrorists and what they do is not only our crisis, but it’s also a Mexican crisis.

Do you think corporations are abandoning a moral responsibility?

Anything for a buck.



  1. Corporations are only interested in the bottom line, making a profit with no regard for morality, yeah let’s encourage drug gangs and syndicates run by wives.

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