Elites Cry “Hardship” as Twitter Removes Their Blue Checks


Elon Musk stuck to his word. Celebrities who won’t pay the $7 a month lose their blue check. It seems a lot of elitists with blue checks won’t pay up.

“On Twitter 1.0, the blue check system served as a de facto caste system. Now it’s an honest way to pay for the edit button and better protection vs. impersonation, rather than a symbol of status,” Dr. Jay Battacharya tweeted.

Melodramatic Morning Joe talks of the heartache this will bring. Dead migrants at the border, looming WWIII, trans killers, none of that causes a stir, but this…this…removing a blue check causes HEARTACHE.

“Just absolute chaos…especially government agencies…a lot of heartache…a lot of hardship…and how about democracy, ” says the Joe and Mika duo.

I have an idea – Pay the lousy $7 a month? They’re cheap and entitled!

Here’s a good reason to not have a blue check:

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