Simon Ateba Stands Up for Values the US Press Once Held


The African reporter, Simon Ateba, asks some tough questions. As a result, Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) rarely calls on him and is rude when she does. KJP is a notorious liar who never answers a question. Mr. Ateba reflects the values Americans and the American press used to have.

Mr. Ateba tweeted this today:

“As I keep pressing for answers, she keeps protecting the President. @PressSec Karine Jean-Pierre dislikes me 99 percent of the time, and likes me 0.0001 percent of the time. The worst part is when we meet at that restaurant outside the White House.

“After a big fight in the briefing room, what do we say to each other? It’s always awkward. The next day in the briefing room, she calls on the person on my left, the one on my right, the person right in front of me and the one right behind me. Then skips me as I raise my hand.

“She makes it clear that she is calling on everyone around me except me. Then other reporters who don’t want to face the same consequences begin to tell her ‘Thanks Karine’ after she answers their questions. They become submissive, thanks for calling on me, thanks for answering my questions, thanks for doing me a favor.

Reporters shun him.

“In the briefing room, they try to keep their distance from me, being associated with Simon means maybe not getting called on. One reporter blocked me from taking an empty seat during Biden’s speech, I just pressed forward and sat down.

“The reporter works for a UK publication, The Independent. Another blamed me for not getting called on because I sat next to her. The reporter works for VOA. A few of them attacked me last time and the next day she began to call on them, almost as if the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

“Others think twice before writing a good story about me. They may also be blacklisted. Other friends in the media write bad articles about me, go to my Wikipedia page and add negative things, remove my picture. Bravery, boldness or a quest for truth is a lonely journey.

The value we used to cherish:

“But it’s better to die as a free man rather than live as a slave. As I continue to write about my experience, I realize that my life is a movie. May God help me. Amen.”

Our media is corrupt, and so is this administration. As if that isn’t bad enough, Biden, the figurehead, our own Jefferson Davis, is running again.

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