Elites tell peons what to do in one’s own home but it doesn’t apply to them


The most awful governor in our history, JB Pritzker admits he is probably taking off for Thanksgiving. The gov and his family are reportedly heading for Florida. He claims he didn’t know about Lori Lightfoot’s [Draconian] rules.

He’s not the only elitist passing rules he doesn’t intend to follow himself. It’s a trend.

On Nov. 6 Mr. Newsom celebrated a political adviser’s 50th birthday with at least a dozen people from more than three households at the famous French Laundry restaurant.

Last month the Governor issued rules limiting attendance at all private gatherings, even those outdoors, to three households. People were also required to maintain at least six feet of distance from different households at all times. And, no shouting, chanting or singing. Good luck muting the kids at Christmas.

When he was caught, he at least apologized. He’s that much better than Pritzker.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser traveled to Delaware to celebrate Joe Biden’s election victory even as she told her residents not to travel to other states. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is saying that people must “cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans,” and invite no guests, even as she joined a street party celebrating Mr. Biden’s apparent victory and spoke with a bullhorn.

Why would anyone listen to these elitists? They don’t even base their ‘rules’ on science. They are largely arbitrary.

We peons must revolt.

These people are complete frauds.

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