Even if Dems win senate seats in GA, they can’t do anything sweeping


A.B. Stoddard, writing for RealClearPolitics, says even if Democrats win the two senatorial seats in Georgia, it won’t help them much. They won’t be passing any sweeping reforms.

Stoddard wrote, “Democrats will not be eliminating the legislative filibuster to avoid these political roadblocks, because they won’t have the votes to do so. Pack the Supreme Court, monkey with the Electoral College, create two new states? Nope. An aggressive climate action plan, free college, socialized medicine? No way.”

“Even if they prevail on Jan. 5 in the twin Georgia runoff elections, picking up two seats to gain a 50-50 split in the U.S. Senate, Democrats will have to rely on Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to break tie votes and will still be blocked by the 60-vote filibuster threshold. On their best day, the largest number of moderate Republicans they could hope to woo is three.”

The Democrat Party is at war. The progressive communists are warring with the progressive left in the party.

As Stoddard writes, “The assistant majority leader in the House, Rep. Jim Clyburn, wasn’t subtle in a warning he issued just days after the election. “If we’re going to run on ‘Medicare for All,’ defunding the police and socialized medicine, we’re not going to win,” the South Carolina Democrat said. So far, Ossoff and Warnock seem to be taking their cues from the top.”

She adds that the Biden administration will be limited to executive orders.

He will re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, re-enter the World Health Organization, reinstate DACA, and end the travel ban, Stoddard notes.

The problem is he can let millions come through the open borders with those policies, and they will eventually vote for Democrats, giving us the one-party electoral majority.

She doesn’t see the $2 trillion climate change initiative or single-payer coming to pass.

However, she forgets that Biden will add the public option, which will destroy personal health insurance.


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