Elizabeth Warren blames climate change & Trump for Coronavirus


The fake Indian is at it again — she has yet another bad plan. The new plan is to address coronavirus. She thinks climate change is playing a role in causing the Coronavirus which began in China. Also, she’s blaming the President for its spread.

Very white Elizabeth Warren says Trump’s not keeping us safe from Coronavirus. We have five people with the virus in the United States. Everyone coming in from the infected provinces is being screened.

The big chief Warren needs to give it a rest. It’s not helping her tanking poll numbers to constantly attack, come up with baseless accusations, and have some unrealistic professorial solution for everything.

Apparently, Warren thinks withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, which set the U.S. up as an ATM machine for the world, would help ease epidemics.

“On the global stage, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement demonstrates reckless denial about the role of climate change in fueling epidemics. His foreign policy has damaged long-standing alliances with partners like the U.K. and France, who are critical partners in responding to global health crises. “

[Her links are to far-left publications. She needs to expand her reading literature.]

“Like so much else, Trump’s approach to keeping us safe from disease outbreaks is a mess. But when he’s gone, we can fix it,” paleface screamed from her website.

The not-woman-of-color has yet another plan to spend.

“We can invest at home to ensure our public health agencies, hospitals, and health care providers are ready to jump into action when outbreaks strike. And we can help build strong public health systems abroad. By taking these steps, we will save lives, strengthen our relationships with allies, protect our interests, and help build resilience to outbreaks and pandemics.”

Uh, the President isn’t asking for taxes (Democrat investments). Instead, he’s working with world health organizations and the CDC, providing whatever they need.

She has a plan even though all that she said is not true — not a word of it.

“That’s why I have a plan to prevent, contain, and treat infectious diseases — one that will help keep America safe and healthy. And as President, I will work across all levels of government here at home and with our many partners abroad to turn that plan into action.”

And it’ll cost you!

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4 years ago

she is really getting desperate…tell me Warren, how is this Trump’s fault?

4 years ago

Lizzy and her pention for telling stories. What’s next, that she was once a candy stripper and is now qualified of diagnosing causes of epidemics and the cure.Buy a box of bandages Lizzy and tape them to your mouth, after you put Exlax and weed in your oatmeal. The rest of us will feel a lot better without having to listen to your lectures caused by your constipated assinmind erroneous conclusions.
As stated on the news by a doctor; China is a filthy country leading to contamination. Their open air markets with live animals that carry the morphed Coronovirus, now infects and is carried by humans may well be the underlying cause. While not yet showing symptoms, the virus is contagious. There have been a number of viruses and deadly diseases caused by contaminated food processed in China. Swine flu, Bird flu, the Rhinovirus, N1 etc …that all happened before Trump became president So what’s her next big plan; Place a bubble over China and India the 2 major countries causing pollution? It’s hard to believe anyone as illinformed as Liz is considered the intellectual elite, but then that’s the nomenclature her snow white tribe gave themselves. How spectacularly self-indulgent and narcissistic of those dilettantes of ill-repute.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Trillions of dollars with no results.