Elon Musk, An American Hero


Elon Musk is a true American hero. He is trying to save free speech, which makes him a target of the cancel culture of the hardcore leftists. He is being called an anti-semite for a post, and he addressed it at the New York Times Deal Book Summit.

Musk is getting called an anti-Semite because he said something that is true. Progressive Jewish people helped groups that are now responsible for the vile anti-semitism we now see throughout the country and the West. They helped the very leftists who now seek to destroy them. Progressive Jewish people take it as an anti-Semitic insult if you point it out.

Elon Musk indelicately referenced the Progressive Jewish support of anti-Semitic groups on X. Major ad companies then pulled their ads and are attempting to destroy X, the only real free speech platform.

He had the guts to tell them off at the New York Times Deal Book Summit despite the threat. I don’t like the choice of words, but he really has guts. These super wealthy and powerful people are blackmailing him. They will destroy X if he doesn’t fall in line. He told them what he thinks about that.

That’s just my opinion, which isn’t important. Watch the entire interview and see what you think—the NY Times turned off comments on their site, censoring all of us, making his point.

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2 months ago

If he holds his ground, he deserves to be supported.

Boycott the oppressive manipulators that are trying to obscure reality. They’re not playing with full deck in the cognitive place.

2 months ago

Of course he is right but to say anything against Jewish people, then yo are called an anti-Semite. They play that card the same way blacks play the racist card. Both groups should have never been allowed to play those cards. All groups need to be held accountable and answer for their actions. Who created those cards? Progressives, including Jewish progressives.