Elon Musk: Environmental Movement Sees “Humanity as a Plague…Like a Mold”


Elon Musk: “The Environmental Movement Has Gone Too Far.”

“If you take environmentalism to an extreme, you start to view humanity as a plague on the surface of the Earth, like a mold or something. But this is actually false. The earth could take probably ten times the current civilization. You could ten times the population without destroying the rainforest.”

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Let’s not forget Joe Biden’s executive order putting extreme environmentalism into every government agency. Biden made Marxist “environmental justice” the mission of federal agencies.

Shouldn’t something like this require a law? It is not under the purview of an executive order. Where is the pushback?

The people who pull Biden’s strings are embedding Marxist ideology in every area of our government, so no other president can ever undo it. How do you take away benefits given to everyone but white people?

Environmental Justice and the threats to the planet were more invention than a real problem.

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