Elon Musk Has a Big Problem at Twitter


Elon Musk will have his work cut out for him trying to bring free speech to the Twitter platform. Almost all of his employees fund the Left. He can’t fire them all but they have tremendous power in numbers. Mr. Musk will have to convince them to become neutral, abandoning activism.

Tech employees are Left-wing, according to an examination of political contributions during this election cycle, using data from Open Secrets, a nonprofit political spending database by the Center for Responsive Politics.

VOX reported:

Google’s employees donated the most so far — $3.7 million — to individual Democratic and Republican midterm campaigns. It was followed by Microsoft ($1.5 million), Apple ($1.2 million), Facebook ($1.1 million ), and Amazon ($971,000). (Our data doesn’t include donations to Independent candidates nor to party groups.)

The vast majority of those donations went to Democrats. The most extreme examples were Netflix ($321,000) and Twitter ($228,000), which had about 99 percent of employee donations go to Dems.

It’s not as if we didn’t know. This is just confirmation. I remember when UCLA, Amnesty International, and the ACLU fought for free speech, et al. They fought until they got the upper hand.

Tucker believes Elon Musk buying Twitter is big news, and a possible pivot point because Elon Musk believes in free speech. He’s going to need help with those employees.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Engineers and scientists are by nature more conservative because they believe in making things and natural laws. Scientists get woke in the university environment, and their careers benefit from it. Engineers get woke in the corporate system where they are trained to be that way. In each case, employees move left for profit motives.

I do not know how they collect this data, if it comes from corporation sponsored donations, those are done with some duress.

Musk already said move homeless into the headquarters, so he has drastic ideas.

1 year ago

Real Techies are Engineers at heart and Engineers aren’t natively Liberal. At least 90% of Twitter is Fluff Employees working on new apps for niche users. Musk can easily get rid of the fluff and have much more money to keep the Hard Core Techies who eat raw meat anyway.

Musk could easily dump 6,000 employees, then move the Company to Texas and Server Farms to Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma where electricity is 1/3 the cost of California. Lowering overhead would quickly make Twitter a profitable company and potentially could be done within a Year.

Musk is obviously good at getting results and not only sees a Star Trek World, but is finding a path to it one technology at a time. Twitter now has a Blameless Work Environment which is not a results oriented environment by design. If Musk focuses on Free Speech and Communications instead of shaping speech and thought, he can convert Twitter on a shoe string and expand the user base considerably. If he integrates Twitter into the Starlink Satellite Network, then the sky is no longer the limit. Handheld Starlink enabled devices could create a whole new level of World Communications Connectivity anywhere in the World. In ten years a Starlink Communicator could be as common as the iPhone is today.